Client: Chantelle Patu Makeup

Perth, WA, Australia

August 2020 - June 2021

Chantelle Patu is a fashion queen and makeup guru, who helps women ages 35+ to feel comfortable in their own skin and break the stereotypical norms of being experimental with makeup. I mean, who says a 40 year old mum can't wear a bright blue lipstick and matching eye shadow?

Chantelle is the face of the business and she continuously has this positive attitude on her social media living her absolute best life. It only made sense to create a brand and logo that is HER. 

Chantelle completely placed her trust into my hands and it was so fun to make this vision of hers come to life.


"From the first moment I spoke with Mel, she made me feel so at ease and CONFIDENT with what she was talking to me about. She lead me down this incredible design journey, and the funniest thing was, here I was just wanting business cards and a pretty logo, and yet I walked away with the most intense understanding of my business, my target audience, my demographic, and the whole thing just CLICKED for me!


The entire process with you was absolutely phenomenal. What I didn't realise at the time was that you were helping me to truly understand what my business was about and the purpose behind my business. I knew that I liked to sell skincare and make up but I hadn't really understood what my niche market was and the value that I was bringing to that market. 

You helped me to recognise that my branding was a true representation of who I was, it's fun and loud and vibrant and that's exactly who I am as a person. I did not realise prior to this that you could connect a brand package with a person so accurately. 

This rebranding has helped me to understand where my pain points were in my business so that I could concentrate on those to grow, for example I was able to truly understand who I was trying to market my products in my business too so that I could then nourish those relationships.


I feel like I got a marketing 101 training from you!

Also as an unexpected side note for the last year, my customers have been receiving their orders with my packaging in my branding in my name plastered all over it and the pretty pamphlets and a little extras; it has been such an unboxing and unpacking experience for them. 

Then on a couple of occasions over this past year, I have asked our head office to pack my orders on my behalf if I have been away on holiday or a special promotion was happening, or that the head office was giving out that I couldn't match and so the head office posted the orders to my customers directly from Brisbane warehouse. I had so many customers comment how it didn't feel the same to receive that package because it didn't have all of the Chantelle Patu stuff inside it. So the marketing and branding has been so incredibly powerful and something that my customers have come to expect.

She presented me with a truly pinpointed design that linked with me, my brand, and my goals. This is absolutely something I could have never achieved myself, and the investment into hiring a designer is something I will never regret. Thank you so much Mel. I will be back!"

Chantelle Patu • Rockingham, WA