Client: Rope, Plants & Co
Perth, WA, Australia

March 2021 - present

Sarah approached me at the beginning of this year in search of a brand & logo change to go with the new path and direction for her
Rope, Plants & Co. In our first initial meeting, she mentioned that there were plans to introducing hangings that involve her love of crystals. We came to a conclusion to highlight these new creations as part of an illustration series, as well as indicating that Rope, Plants & Co is a handmade business. The colour palette is more neutral and muted, which made it more fun and still standout with her colourful crystals.

Rope, Plants & Co - Primary Logo - Black.png
Rope, Plants & Co - Keyring - Isabelline.png
Rope, Plants & Co - Plant Pod - Tuscany.png
Rope, Plants & Co - Crystal Pod - Opal.png
Rope, Plants & Co - Crystal - Gainsboro.png
business cards mock 2_edited.png
Sarah Symons - Wooden Constellation Discs - Rope, Plants & Co-07.png

"Mel has been amazing to work with. I came to her not knowing what I wanted and somehow she just knew what I needed, she helped push me out of my comfort zone and go in a direction with my business I would of never thought to go with. She knew exactly what I needed for my business in order to reach my business goals. Her work is so unique, I would highly recommend her to any other small business."

Sarah Symons • Perth, WA